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Current situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka -Video

A collective of IT Professionals organized a conference on the ‘Current situation of Tamils in Sri Lanka,’ on Sunday, June 28th at Loyola College. 500 people attended the conference. At the conference experts spoke on justice for 300,000 internally displaced people in internment camps, alleged war crimes, history and future of the prolonged struggle and political solution for Eelam struggle.

Rev. Fr. Jagath Gasper spoke about the people suffering on the hands of SL army in the camps

Arul George of PUCL, Chennai spoke on IDPs and war crimes.

“Viduthalai” Rajendran delivered a speech supporting the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam.

Professor Manivannan of Madras university spoke about the sovereignty of Eelam Tamils

Writer JD Crews delivered a speech about the sufferings of Indian fishermen due to Srilankan navy’s atrocities

Writer Poonguzhali delivered a speech on the history of the Tamils struggle for self-determination.

A question and answer session was held at the end of the conference.The programme included screening of short films, documentary films and a photo exhibition.

Video of Jegath Gasper ‘s speech

Videos of other speakers speeach will be uploaded here

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