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D.K. Ravi – Death and its aftermath – Aswini

Democracy was ushered in India when the Constitution of India was framed on  January 26, 1950, the world’s longest written constitution. Democracy in India should ideally function as a well-oiled machine but certain detrimental factors throw the spanner in the works, the result of which is that the constitutional goals and democratic aspirations of India remains unrealized.

In reality, the pledge to make India a democratic republic and ascertain equality, liberty and justice to all its citizens remains just a promise.

Indian politics is a multi-party system. But politics has become a game of opportunity and corruption. There is corruption in every stratum of the society. Illegal activities have punched a big hole in the democratic ideals.


The mysterious death of Mr. D.K Ravi is yet another example to prove how justices granted to its citizens still remain a promise. Thanks to the sensational media and the united opposition of BJP and JD(s) who wanted to use this opportunity to bring down the reputation of the ruling Congress government.

DK Ravi was found hanging in his bedroom on March 16, 2015. He was additional commissioner in Bengaluru in the Commercial Taxes Department from Oct 29, 2014. He served as Joint commissioner in Kolar district earlier. D.K. Ravi was known for his honesty and people supported him for braving against the sand mafia during his tenure at Kolar and the real estate business in Bengaluru while he served as additional commissioner.

The government initially announced, that the prima facie evidence suggested that, it was a suicide and ordered a CID probe. However an unrelenting united opposition which the JD(S) and BJP took forward and the protest of people especially in Kolar region, led to a mounting pressure on the state government. However the state government refused to a CBI probe into the issue. But the chief minister, Siddaramaiah had no choice when Congress president Sonia Gandhi advised him to order a CBI prove. Finally he declared that the case will be moved to CBI on  March 23, 2015.

The reason, why the IAS officer committed suicide, raised a controversy when the police said that a woman IAS officer who was also a batch mate of D.K. Ravi complained to the DIG within hours after the death was declared. She accused that the deceased IAS officer troubled her to break her marriage and marry him. While, family of D.K. Ravi and his friends have violently opposed such comments, the headlines continue to revolve around the alleged affair of D.K. Ravi with the IAS officer.


There is also another version put forth by his family and the opposition parties and the public. Having known about the daring nature of D.K. Ravi and the taking into account, the repeated black mails the officer had received in the past during his stints both as Joint commissioner in Kolar and as Additional Commissioner in Bengaluru, they accuse that the death of D.K. Ravi was indeed a murder by his enemies and the government was trying to cover up the murder. There is yet another version revolving around this case, which again reportedly accused his wife for Mr. DK Ravi’s death. Even the police statement has been contradicting from the day one and has raised many questions among the public


The media and the government have been trying to paint a personal color to the death of the IAS officer. The media has shown some special interests to the alleged affair of D.K. Ravi with the woman IAS officer and anything related to it immediately is made a big scene. The government also has its own reasons to downplay the actual reason behind the death of an honest and daring IAS officer who had been a thorn in the throat. Apart from all these controversies we are also aware of the strikes and protest the farmers of the Kolar district waged against the transfer of D.K. Ravi back in October 2014. The poor farming community had been the most affected by extensive illegal sand mining in the Papagani river catchment area, which lead to depletion of ground water levels drastically and also caused environmental degradation. The deceased IAS officer when posted in the Kolar district decided to stop this illegal mining and thereby chose to stand by the affected people. This in turn led him to gain the trust of the public but also earned the wrath of the sand mafia which has strong political backing just like in any other state in India.

DK Ravi death protest 2

The deceased officer stood firm in his shoes and drove the sand mafia of several encroached lands thereby recovering lands belonging to the government. This in turn led to repeated threats to his life. But people were happy that at last there was atleast one government official who stood for them. But they soon realized that the government was not for them, when the government decided to transfer D.K. Ravi to serve as additional commissioner in Bengaluru. The angry mob since they were very well aware that the sand mafia will start their extensive exploitation once again with the absence of the only officer who stood against them.

The leader of JD(S), H.D. Kumaraswamy recently published an audio recording which purportedly contained a telephonic conversion between an MLA from Kolar district, where Ravi was posted as Deputy Commissioner, with an official working under him regarding release of seize sand. In the recording, the MLA threatens the official and also warned the Deputy commissioner of getting transferred.

The government must have been well aware of the fact that the death of the honest officer would spark strong protests among the public and thereby stands firm in closing this case as a suicide. Even on the day when the chief minister announced that the case would be moved to CBI for enquiry, it was submitted to the court that the CID investigation findings in which it specifically mentioned about the illegal “relationship” of the IAS officer.


The BJP and the JD(S) who are in the opposition have been prompt in grabbing the opportunity to turn the anger of the people against the ruling Congress government. The BJP accuses the Congress government of backing up the sand mafia. But we cannot forget the fact that the sand mafia had been dominant in the Kolar district even during the tenure of the past BJP rule and that the ruling BJP did nothing just like the Congress government. The BJP further comments that Sonia Gandhi’s advice to Siddaramiah, shows that the Central head of Congress party involves in the administration of state government thereby interfering in its freedom. This accusation against the ruling party was made by a party who have been trying its very best to abolish the regional parties across India and wants to bring one party rule across all states.

The BJP and the JD(S) commenting about bringing justice to the demised is nothing but tactful play to win the hearts of the people which can then be turned to votes in the next election. They are no different from the ruling Congress when it comes to standing with their bosses who are no other than the big real estate bosses and the strong sand mafia who fund their elections

The CBI enquiry may or may not bring out the truth behind the death of an honest IAS officer. The IAS officer may or may not have committed suicide. There might or might not be personal reasons behind the death of the officer.What matters most is that the IAS officer had stood all through his career against those who exploited the people. He dared the might of the mafia to ensure that the common man is not affected. It is our duty to stand against the exploitation of our people by these despotic giants firmly just like D.K. Ravi. It is our duty to stand united in forcing the ruling government may it be Congress or BJP, in acting against these ruthless profit mongers. It is the only way we can honor not just D.K Ravi but numerous other officials who sacrificed their lives for standing against authority and autocracy for the people.

It is now our chance to prove to the so called democratic government that we can never be cheated. We might be misled for a short while, but will soon find the truth and those who exploited us will soon be thrown away from power.

Aswini – Young Tamil Nadu Movement (Ilanthamizhagam)

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