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“Bring up UNHRC resolution for International mechanism to trial Sri Lanka crimes”: joint statement urges India

September 2015: We won’t settle for anything less than an International Mechanism to serve justice for the genocide of Tamils

Joint Statement released by Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam, Tamil Desiya Viduthalai Iyakkam, CP(M.L.)- People Liberation and Ilanthamizhagam (Young Tamil Nadu Movement).

The image of three-year old toddler Aylan whose body was washed ashore in Turkey’s Bodram coast in Kos Island, had spread in the internet with the title “Humanity washed ashore”. The picture had shocked the conscience of Europe. With their heart heavy with guilt they have now come forward to receive the immigrants with open hands.

The next session of the UN Human Rights Council is to be held from September 14 to October 2. In the UNHRC session held in March 2014, a resolution was passed which almost opened the gates for an international probe. The then Chief of UN Human Rights Navaneedham Pillai set up an investigative team and an advisory panel comprising of Marthi Atthichari (Finland), Sillye Cadreed (New Zealand) and Asma Jahangir.

The Sri Lankan government denied access to the investigative team and the advisory panel. The Eelam Tamils in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu and from the diaspora community sent their evidences to the team. The investigative team’s report should have been submitted to the council by the March of this year. But citing the change of regime in Sri Lanka the current UN Human Rights Chief Zeid Al Hussein pushed the submission to September.

On January this year, Mahindra Rajapaksa lost the Presidential elections to Maithripala Sirisena. Then, in August Rajapakse was again defeated in the Parliamentary elections and Ranil Wickremesinghe took over as the Prime Minister of the country. This regime change, which has been much appreciated by the western countries and India, has only helped in delaying the process of accountability.

The current President Maithiri was the Minister of Defence during the final days of the Genocide. Ranil was the one who laid the political foundation for a military solution to the ethnic conflict.

Ranil and Rajapakse respectively are the political and military faces of the Sinhala supremacist conspiracy. Even now, Ranil is working towards converting the military victory of Rajapakse to a political one.

Sarath Fonseka, a military leader during the genocide was promoted to the rank of Field Marshal only during the ‘good regime’ of Maithiri. The chief of the 57th regiment has been ceremoniously sworn in as the chief commander.

Moreover Maithiri in his own words has admitted that the one important achievement of the new government was to delay the tabling of the report, which was to be submitted by March. The demands of the Tamil people such as the release of political prisoners, to find the missing persons, to punish those responsible for their disappearances, withdrawal of Sinhalese troops from the native land of Tamils, to stop the Sinhalese colonization and recovery of the fields and properties belonging to Tamils which were usurped by the armed forces, are waiting to be fulfilled.

Nisha Biswal, the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian affairs, had recently visited Sri Lanka and held talks with representatives of both the government and the Tamil national Alliance. Subsequently, while meeting the reporters in Colombo, Biswal announced that America would bring a resolution supporting Sri Lanka in the upcoming session of the UN Human Rights Council. By providing more time to the new government would help them to achieve reconciliation, she said. Tamils around the world and Human rights activists have been deeply saddened by the brutal betrayal of the superpower.

To exact revenge for the attack on the twin towers, which caused the death of around 3000 people, America invaded Afghanistan and killed more than thousands of people. They also breached the land and aerial boundaries of Pakistan and killed Osama bin Laden. “Justice has been done” Obama said. The imperialist American state has grown double tongued caring only about its own geopolitical interests and not bothering about justice for the brutal genocide of 1.5 lac Tamils.

If we look at recent history, the decision of America is nothing new to be surprised about. This is America showing its true colors! This is Imperialism to its bare bones! This is called geopolitics!

This seems to be the law of this unequal world. Let us bare the truth about America’s political stand to the people. And let us come together to struggle for a new world order where equality and justice would prevail.

The resolution proposed by Chief Minister Vigneswaran based on the recommendation of the UNHRC’s Investigative report for an International Mechanism to investigate and render justice to the Human rights violations and breach of international laws in Sri Lanka has been passed in the Northern provincial Council. We welcome this decision by the Northern provincial council to not accept any internal mechanism or internationally supported internal mechanism set up by the very same genocidal government which is the primary culprit and criminal. This resolution, similar to the resolution passed by the northern council this February for justice towards the genocide of Tamils, has clearly expressed the aspirations of the Eelam Tamils.

We appreciate and welcome the various struggles and efforts taken by political movements in diaspora, in Tamil Eelam and Civil society groups. We also welcome the signature campaigns and motorcycle campaigns towards an international mechanism for justice

With respect to India, the state had never uttered the word ‘genocide’ nor has it ever taken a position calling for an international investigation. The previous Congress government opposed the UN resolution for international investigation. RSS said that India should’ve opposed all previous resolutions tabled against the SL government.  The Indian state did not even lend an ear to the resolution passed by the TN state assembly calling to severe the political and economic ties with SL. India, complicit to genocide has been defending Sri Lanka for the past six years in the international arena.

Modi visited Sri Lanka while the session was on in March. Now, during the session of September, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe is visiting India. India has given three ships to Sri Lanka recently. There have been reports that an economic agreement called CEPA might be signed during Ranil’s visit. Henceforth, India stands by Sri Lanka duly, in both planes, the military and the economic.

The next big leap of the Tamils from Tamil Nadu in struggle towards justice for Eelam Tamils would be to change the political position of India with respect to this issue by breaking India- Sri Lanka bond. Tamils would accept an international tribunal proposed by India or America or for that matter any othr international country. Tamils wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Hence we shall demand the Indian government to inisist an international mechanism against the genocidal Sri Lankan government. We shall oppose Ranil’s visit based on the slogan ‘Boycott Sri Lanka’!

Struggles by the people of Tamil Nadu against Ranil’s visit would not only send a powerful message to the Indian state and the Indian media, but also to the international community.This alone would serve as a strong move towards changing the western countries’ (including USA) political stand. Only by breaking India – Sri Lanka ties would we be able to pave way for an international mechanism for justice.

We shall demand the Indian government, To accept the resolutions passed by the Tamil Nadu state assembly and the Northern province of Sri Lanka as the unanimous voice of Tamils and to admit the truth that the massacre in Sri Lanka was a genocide

Our Demands:

  • Bring a resolution in UNHRC demanding a comprehensive international mechanism for justice towards Eelam Tamils.
  • Oppose any resolution tabled by the USA or any other country which suggests that any internal mechanism or a hybrid mechanism set up by the Sri Lankan government would suffice.
  • Severe political, economic and cultural ties with the Sri Lankan government.


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