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“Ramjanmabhoomi – When Mythology is fed forcibly as History “

“”What is Ayodhya?”,” might ask the Tourists if at all they happen to come there.
“”Welcome to Ayodhya. This is the birth place of ‘Lord Ram’. Yes! There is a Hindu Mythology called ‘Ramayana’. According to author Valmiki, Ram was born here in Ayodhya”. Aamir, being the ambassador for Incredible India might have to answer the tourists politely.
“”Nay… Not that.… People brought down a mosque structure here on December 1992… Didn’t they? What about that?””. The whole world saw that on TV. So you the reader – please don’t get surprised that the Tourists knew it.


Picture of ‘The Guardian’ on December 7, 1992. The Newspaper called the incident as “explosion of madness”.

“”Err..… Yes…””, Aamir should continue… ““It was because the mosque was constructed on top of Ram Janmabhoomi””

“”On top of What??””, asked the Tourists in a chorus voice resounding as if they heard something that their ears could not comprehend.

““It is Ram Janmabhoomi””, reiterated the ambassador with his voice lowered in confidence. “”The crowd who demolished the mosque believed that the mosque was constructed on top of Ram Janmabhoomi, marking the exact birth place of Lord Ram”

Some of the Tourists burst out in laughter making Aamir look embarrassed. “”You?”… “You have marked an exact birthplace? I know you people would..””, the laughter continues and then recedes. One of the tourist does not want to shame the Indian ambassador and so tries to add seriousness to the conversation. “”You said ‘Mythology’ Aamir. I think it is ‘History’ that there is a birthplace. I believe you. Now tell me when was this ‘Lord Raam’ you said was born here at that ‘Jaanmabhoomi’ birthplace?””

Had that question been asked satirically, Aamir wouldn’’t have been frightened. The Tourist asked it in a serious tone. He believed Aamir. But Aamir’’s answer?. ““9,00,000 years ago. Valmiki has written that Lord Ram was born here 9 lakh years ago,… In the Tretha Yuga”,” Aamir recited. The Tourist who asked that question was stunned with his eyes wide open. The fellow Tourists paused for a second, turned back at the questioner. They couldn’t control. “”Nine Hundred Thousand Years and a birthplace!!”,” he says and everybody laughs. Aamir unable to handle the embarrassment anymore leaves the place hurriedly.

Yes, the conversation was imaginary, but stripping off Aamir from being the ambassador for Incredible India was the best New Year gift he would have received.

Every time when there is a news about Ayodhya that comes up, heart is missing a beat. An unpleasant anxiety is created. It can naturally happen to those who read Justice Liberhan’s commission report, Justice Srikrishna’s commission report and facts based Investigative articles. The unpleasant anxiety and sadness may happen to reader even with a mind prejudiced with religious bias. The year 2017 will see state assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh. The Hindutva terrorists should have already completed hatching the plan to occupy power.

– Couple of months before, news reports said, ‘Stones arrive at Ayodhya for Ram Temple’.

– Few weeks before they say ‘Construction of the Temple should begin in 2016’.

– Now ‘conferences’ are being held about ‘Ram Janmabhoomi’ and BJP’s Subramaniam Swamy spews ‘Anti – Muslim’ venom every now and then.

Trust me – The ones sitting in power have decades of experience in designing riots, implementing them, polarizing people and raising to power.

BJP had been out of power in UP for more than a decade and half now. So what we are witnessing and will continue to witness is on ground implementation of polarization. Now that Aamir has been replaced probably with Amit and Priya as brand ambassadors of Incredible India, let us make these Indian Icons speak the facts – at least in our imaginative conversation.

“”Poor Aamir. I can understand.” “How tough it is. They have to cry and they have to defend themselves as well, The Muslims…”,” Says Amit in his lowered yet bold voice, filling his cup with Tea from the Teapot present on the Table.

Opposite side of the Table on the couch sat the flamboyant Priya. It looks to be a brightly lit common room. “It is not just the Muslims, Amit saab””, started Priya. “There are rational Hindus as well who condemn the demolition.””

“”True… How cruel it is to mix and confuse ‘Truth’ and ‘Belief…!’… ‘History’ and ‘Mythology…! ’…Our Hindutva Scientists… huuh..””, Amit with a sigh and a sip of Tea.
“”1528″,” Priya firmly says. “”It was on 1528 that the Mughal Emperor Babur’’s general, Mir Baqi, it was his name…. He constructed the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya””


The Babri Masjid in early 1900. (Photo Courtesy: The British Library Board and thequint.com)

““Just like the various Muslim rulers constructed magnificent architectures in India…”.”

“”Yes.. Amit sab… Yes….. I am appalled at the way the Hindutva propaganda terrorists spread the fiction amongst people…””, with angst slightly edging on her voice. By the way, the fiction spread by Hindutva propaganda terrorists is that before building the Mosque, ‘Babur demolished a temple that was built for Lord Ram to mark Ram Janmabhoomi – the place where Ram was born’.

Amit in a crucial tone, “”Let alone a birth certificate for Lord Ram. There isn’’t even any evidence of birth of such a character.””

“”There need not be any evidence. It was a belief of the Hindus that Lord Ram was born there. The Mosque stood right there for 450 years but nobody thought it was a disgrace for the Hindus or to their belief…””, said Priya glaring at Amit.

“Until the Hindutva Terrorists propagated the Mosque to be a symbol of enmity for the Hindus. They are keeping the steam alive even today to rake up the animosity amongst people of the two religions…”

Truth via Archeological agencies says that there were no evidences of such an event of demolition. Simple common sense should help us understand that if a place had been ‘preserved’ for 9,00,000 years by building a temple on top of it and if a Muslim emperor demolishes it, then it would have carried significant historical importance. Naturally… Writers, Poets, Scholars of that period would have registered such an event at least in the smallest of descriptions in their books, if not in volumes.

“”Not even Tulsidas wrote about it…””, restarted Priya.

Tulsidas is considered to be the greatest disciple of Lord Ram and is the author of ‘Ramcharitmanas’, a celebrated book of Hindi Literature.
“Infact Tulsidas lived in the same century as that of Babur. He wouldn’’t have been a silent spectator to a demolition of Ram’’s Temple happening during his period…”.

“”Not just Tulsidas…. Nobody…! No poet who lived in the Indian Medieval Period made even the smallest of descriptions in their writings about such a ‘demolition’”, stresses Amit and then questions ““Do you remember what happened on December 1949?””

“”Oh Yes! very well..”…” and Priya starts to narrate.. “”It was early morning of 23rd December 1949. Idols of Lord Ram were ‘miraculously’ present inside the Babri Masjid. Well… Naturally…, The idols could not have come ‘miraculously’….. It was the Hindutva terrorists who installed the idols by breaking into the Mosque. The local administration helped them. K.K Nair, the then district magistrate was a Hindutva sympathizer and so he did not remove the idols. Rather he ordered the police to lock the doors of the Masjid with the idols of Ram present inside. Nair later got an MP ticket from Bharathiya Jan Sangh””, narrated Priya flawlessly.


Representation Pic: Lord Ram appearing “miraculously” inside Mosque.

From 1949 till 1985, Hindu priests alone were allowed to enter the Mosque and offer prayers to the idol.

“”Yes Priya.… And then you know what happened…”

““Sangh Parivar unfolded its terrorism. It mobilized people to support unlocking the mosque…”. “Rajiv Gandhi’’s government opened the Babri Masjid for all Hindus in 1985””, asserted Priya. “”L.K Advani… uffff…””

“”THE RATH YATHRA…!””, Amit says with his eyebrows raised disturbingly. “”He travelled 10,000 Kilometers in his Rath Yathra canvassing for a temple at Ayodhya.… It was an Air Conditioned Ratham”,…” conveyed Amit who almost forgot the Tea he had in his hand. The 1990 Rath Yathra undertaken by Lal Krishna Advani incited large scale communal violence across the country resulting in blood shed at the places he toured. He was later stopped and arrested at Bihar.

“”The Blood Yathra gave rise to that HINDU WAVE…” “, said Amit in a defining note…

“Just like the Media incited MODI WAVE that rose few years ago…””, retorted Priya that made Amit manage a smile.

The Hindu wave that rose across the country made the BJP raise from 2 seats to 85 seats in the 1989 General Elections, 85 to 119 in the 1991 General Elections and captured power in Uttar Pradesh for the first time in 1991 Assembly Elections.

Because of the Nation wide campaign, thousands of ‘Kar Sevaks’ (Volunteers for the Sangh Parivar) were garnered for the job of constructing Ram Temple adjacent to Babri Masjid. Despite Supreme Court directing to stop it, the BJP government of UP, expropriated 2.77 acres of the Mosque’s land and started constructing the temple adjacent to the mosque.

“”So after all the meticulous planning…, They did it on December 6th 1992. Terrorist masterminds they were.. BJP, VHP, RSS..””, Priya continues to say. “”One lakh Kar Sevaks demolished the Babri Masjid right in front of people all over the world witnessing via TV.…” “And then riots everywhere.… Riots at various states.… Thousands of innocent people killed… …crushed to death”.”, Priya says and by now saddened (obviously).


On the fateful day of Babri Masjid demoltion

Amit with all his wit asserted, ““All of those who saw it then via TV, and see it in YouTube now are eye witnesses to the death of thousands of those innocent souls.”. “The Bombay Riots of Maharashtra during December 1992 and January 1993 was the cause of a creation of a 2015 Death Sentence ‘Convict’, a Charted Accountant and a ‘Muslim’ called Yakub Memon according to Justice Srikrishna’s Commission.”
Justice Srikrishna Commission links riots of Babri Masjid demolition to the horrific serial bomb blasts of Mumbai. From the report,
“One common link between the riots of December 1992 and January 1993 and bomb blasts of 12th March 1993 appear to be that the former appear to have been a causative factor for the latter. There does appear to be a cause and effect relationship between the two riots and the serial bomb blasts.

Tiger Memon, the key figure in the serial bomb blasts case and his family had suffered extensively during the riots and therefore can be said to have had deep rooted motive for revenge.”

Further Justice Srikrishna confirms Bal Thackrey, the late leader of Shiv Sena’s aggressive role in the riots. From the report,
“From 8th January 1993 at least there is no doubt that the Shiv Sena and Shiv Sainiks took the lead in organising attacks on Muslims and their properties under the guidance of several leaders of the Shiv Sena from the level of Shakha Pramukh to the Shiv Sena Pramukh Bal Thackeray who, like a veteran General, commanded his loyal Shiv Sainiks to retaliate by organised attacks against Muslims.”.

“”Bal Thackerey received a state funeral after his death and was never called a Terrorist even when he was alive””, Priya told with her lips twisted as she concludes and her shoulder shrugged. Both the icons leave the room with grief and angst gripping their hearts.

A Mosque which did not catch the limelight of anyone for more than four and half centuries was used by Hindutva Terrorists to establish Hindutva Agenda. Ayodhya is already home to 6000 Hindu shrines but it did not suffice the Hindutva terrorists. “The Hero of the Demolition” was none other but the then Chief Minister of UP – Kalyan Singh of BJP. Kalyan Singh was called as “The Hero of the Demolition” by Justice Liberhan who investigated the demolition for about 17 years. He was subsequently made the Governor of Himachal Pradesh and then later, Governor of Rajasthan. Kalyan Singh is being contemplated now by BJP to make Chief Ministerial candidate of UP for 2017 elections. Rath Yathra Hero – Lal Krishna Advani was awarded last year with “Padma Vibhushan”, the second highest civilian honor in India by the present BJP government. This is the place where the ruling Hindutva Government headed by the Prime Minister who proudly calls himself a “Hindu Nationalist” and a proud RSS member is etching to build a temple – using the souls of thousands of innocent people who mostly were Muslims and using their dried blood shed spattered across the country. In the event of it happening, this would probably be the first ever temple for Lord Ram to be built using innocent people’s blood and with the help of grossly manufactured history. Satyameva Jayate!

–M. Sathiesh

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