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Why Tamilnadu farmers are protesting in delhi

It has become daily news for around a month – it is our farmers’ protest. How many of us know the real reason and justification behind the protest? Why many people are criticizing their protest at Delhi? Why didn’t they protest in TN itself? What could the Central government do? Are their demands reasonable and feasible?

TN Farmers’ protest demanding

1.​To set-up Cauvery Management Board

2.​Reasonable amount as drought relief

3.​Waive off farm loans from the nationalized banks

As a human, eating rice, wheat, grams, vegetables, etc., grown by farmers, I feel very ashamed that they had to beg or go through such worse struggle to make someone hear their plea. Still there are lot many who thinks they are doing it for meaningless attention. Will someone really do this much just for mere attention? No, they’ve reached saturation point, and their demands are valid and reasonable in every way.

Why did they go to Delhi, rather than protesting at Chennai? How could the Central government be responsible for TN farmers’ loans?

Setting up of Cauvery Management Board is in Central government’s authority, drought relief has to be given by the Central government to the State.

The Madras High Court has directed TN government to waive off farm loans from Corporate Bank. The continuing demand is for Central Government to waive off the farm loans from other nationalized banks.

All these actions are under Central government’s authority. So our farmers have to get the Central government’s attention. Though our State government representatives might’ve already requested all the above demands, there’s no action taken so far by the Centre. Just giving petition and members requesting in the assembly did not help, so our farmers have come to Delhi hoping their plea will be heard.


Why is Central government, especially our  PM Narendra Modi, didn’t meet our farmers? Not even a tweet?

(We know that for obvious reasons – our farmers are from Tamil Nadu, which is outside Indian Central government’s vicinity). India is agriculture based country; BJP supports and works hard to improve agriculture. Yes! But not our farmers. We are living in digital India, where anything and everything is promoted to be digital way and all possible services are privatized. As part of that, BJP is cleverly devising to eliminate small to almost all farmers to give up agriculture, so eligible corporates (having lakh crores of money) might build industries to cultivate crops, or invest thousands of crores to invent medicine to subside hunger. When agriculture goes into corporates’ hands, it should not surprise us when they say hunger is a disease, no?

The above may or may not be agreed, but we, our farmers, may not blame if we get enough rainfall and water. While corporates may not be controlling rainfall (?), isn’t industrialization and so-called development responsible for deforestation partially? If the government (both State and Central) plans to improve irrigation, is it not possible? Development and growth of a nation is appreciable, but not over our own people’s graves, especially farmers’.

Shobhna – Young Tamil Nadu Movement.

Picture – Thanks Puthiya Talaimurai News channel.

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